Helping Business Owners make more profit and have fun doing it

The Business Owner's Mastermind

Giving you a six-step plan to grow your business

The Problem

Ownership Can Be Overwhelming

Over 4 million businesses are started every year but 1 in 5 will fail within that first year and 30% will fail before year five. Most business owners start with a passion and a purpose but become overwhelmed by the various parts of the business they have no skills or training for.

The Solution

Making Work Fun Again

At HaltingWinter, we come alongside business owners to give you a simple framework for the six primary parts of your company, tuning each part for peak performance to help alleviate stress and make more profit because you deserve to enjoy owning your business.

A Path


Work through the six primary parts of a business to tune them up and get them working in tandem: Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Products/Services, Overhead & Operations, and Cash Flow.

A People


Learn and apply these frameworks and strategies with other business owners who will give each other insights and encouragement from similar perspectives.

You're Not Alone

The Mastermind

Business owners will meet virtually once a month to work through one of the six organizational aspects and then have another opportunity once a month to get help as you dial in the framework for your specific business. You will also have access to the private, online community where you will receive further help and be able to get feedback as you need it.

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The Mastermind

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A Free Assessment

Take the FREE Business Made Simple assessment that will give insights into the six primary parts of your business. After you complete it, we will follow up for a free debrief.

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